18th place

27770 points


Challenge Category Value Time
how2re reversing20000
crypto mtg meetings500
what is sha1 hash of "h" crypto meeting50
rot13 crypto meeting50
xor intro crypto meeting100
repeated key xor crypto meeting250
Pokewiz hax100
Hidden Power hax100
Who’s that Pokemon? hax200
r2 meeting meetings500
under da sea meetings500
Clicks UnderTheCTF100
attrboy hax challenges300
godeep hax challenges300
escalator-1 hax challenges300
Ptacek Guest Lecture meetings500
static directory! tptacek50
natas1 Natas100
natas2 Natas100
natas3 Natas200
natas4 Natas100
natas5 Natas100
natas6 Natas200
Natas (Web) meetings500
Northrup PWN/RE meetings500
RE 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
RE 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
PWN 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
RE 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
PWN 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
SQLi UnderTheCTF100
Meeting Flag discord challenges500
Discord Challenge Info discord challenges0
Bots & API 1: Source discord challenges20
cat.jpg forensics meeting50