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Hint for who is the queen of cyber?


Hint for Reddit Part 1


Hint for YouTube Part 1 (Video)


Hint for YouTube Part 3 (Somewhere else)



Challenge Category Value Time
Code (Python Sandbox Escape) UnderTheCTF200
natas1 Natas100
natas2 Natas100
natas3 Natas200
natas4 Natas100
natas5 Natas100
natas6 Natas200
natas7 Natas200
natas8 Natas200
Infinite Ammo Game Hacking100
Invincibility Game Hacking200
Teleport Game Hacking100
DynamoRIO meetings500
Getting Started DynamoRIO100
Getting Started pt. 2 DynamoRIO100
Northrup PWN/RE meetings500
RE 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
RE 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
RE 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
PWN 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
PWN 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
PWN 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
hack this website hack this website1000
Recon Meeting Recon500
who is the queen of cyber? 100
Reddit Part 1 Recon50
Reddit Part 2 Recon100
Twitter Part 1 Recon100
Twitter Part 2 Recon150
Instagram Part 1 Recon100
Instagram Part 3 Recon250
Instagram Part 2 Recon150
My First Words Recon100
Reddit Part 3 Recon200
Doorknobs Recon100
YouTube Part 1 (Video) Recon400
YouTube Part 2 Recon300
Email Recon200
how2re reversing20000
YouTube Part 3 (Somewhere else) Recon400
Discord Challenge Info discord challenges0
Bots & API 1: Source discord challenges20
SE 1: Half-Life 3 Confirmed discord challenges20
Bots & API 3: Webhooks 1 discord challenges30
Bots & API 4: Webhooks 2 discord challenges30
Meeting Flag discord challenges500
Bots & API 2: Auto Delete discord challenges20
Recon 1 discord challenges20
SE 3: Impersonation 2 discord challenges30
SE 4: Impersonation 3 discord challenges30
SE 2: Impersonation 1 discord challenges20
Bots & API 5: Webhooks 3 discord challenges50
SE 5: Impersonation 4 discord challenges50