Хороший робот

23rd place

26076 points


Hint for openssl


Hint for what's ian's password?


Hint for mystery zip


Hint for who is the queen of cyber?



Challenge Category Value Time
Hidden Power hax100
Pokewiz hax100
Who’s that Pokemon? hax200
shinybutton hax300
bandit0 bandit1
bandit1 bandit10
bandit2 bandit10
Join Discord!!! 1000
what is sha1 hash of "h" crypto meeting50
rot13 crypto meeting50
xorient yourself tuctf200
who is the queen of cyber? 100
what is base (2^6) misc50
bof_1 pwn5
bof_2 pwn5
bof_3 pwn15
bof pwn100
xor intro crypto meeting100
r2 meeting meetings500
how2re reversing20000
bandit3 bandit10
bandit4 bandit10
bandit5 bandit50
bandit6 bandit10
bandit7 bandit10
bandit8 bandit10
bandit9 bandit10
bandit10 bandit100
bandit11 bandit10
bandit17 bandit10
static directory! tptacek50
Northrup PWN/RE meetings500
RE 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
PWN 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
RE 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
RE 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
PWN 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
PWN 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
Meeting Flag discord challenges500
Discord Challenge Info discord challenges0
Bots & API 1: Source discord challenges20
Recon 1 discord challenges20
Bots & API 3: Webhooks 1 discord challenges30
SE 3: Impersonation 2 discord challenges30