3rd place

48796 points


Challenge Category Value Time
printf mtg 2 meetings500
old-oaken-bucket reversing100
mipsy reversing150
bananas reversing100
how2re reversing20000
hack this website hack this website1000
free points! hack this website1000
what is sha1 hash of "h" crypto meeting50
rot13 crypto meeting50
xor intro crypto meeting100
files forensics meeting0
bof_1 pwn5
bandit0 bandit1
bandit1 bandit10
bandit4 bandit10
bandit2 bandit10
bandit3 bandit10
bandit5 bandit50
bandit6 bandit10
bandit7 bandit10
bandit8 bandit10
bandit9 bandit10
bandit10 bandit100
bandit11 bandit10
bandit12 bandit10
bandit13 bandit10
bandit14 bandit10
bandit15 bandit10
bandit16 bandit10
bandit18 bandit10
bandit19 bandit10
bandit20 bandit200
what is base (2^6) misc50
who is the queen of cyber? 100
cat.jpg forensics meeting50
husky.png forensics meeting75
admin.pcap forensics meeting50
whats my name dot pcap forensics meeting75
Pokewiz hax100
Who’s that Pokemon? hax200
Hidden Power hax100
shinybutton hax300
Join Discord!!! 1000
r2 meeting meetings500
mineflag pt 2 r2 meeting500
mineflag pt 1 r2 meeting250
openssl crypto100
PHP Calculator hax500
"Cryptanalysis" crypto150
bof pwn100
bof_2 pwn5
bof_3 pwn15
sms opsec meeting100
bandit17 bandit10
Clicks UnderTheCTF100
Hidden UnderTheCTF200
Tags UnderTheCTF200
Admin UnderTheCTF200
Algebraic UnderTheCTF50
Code (Python Sandbox Escape) UnderTheCTF200
SQLi UnderTheCTF100
Sequel UnderTheCTF150
APL tuctf50
Dangerzone tuctf50
Music UnderTheCTF50
under da sea meetings500
attrboy hax challenges300
godeep hax challenges300
escalator-1 hax challenges300
Linux Infra meetings500
trap hax challenges600
Ptacek Guest Lecture meetings500
static directory! tptacek50
Natas (Web) meetings500
natas1 Natas100
natas2 Natas100
natas3 Natas200
natas4 Natas100
natas5 Natas100
natas6 Natas200
natas7 Natas200
natas8 Natas200
natas9 Natas200
natas10 Natas200
natas11 Natas300
natas12 Natas300
natas13 Natas300
natas14 Natas300
natas15 Natas300
PWN 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
RE 1 Northrup PWN/RE200
PWN 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
RE 2 Northrup PWN/RE300
RE 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
Northrup PWN/RE meetings500
PWN 3 Northrup PWN/RE400
Getting Started DynamoRIO100
netcatter hax challenges1000
xorient yourself tuctf200
yeahright (reversing) tuctf50
Twitter Part 1 Recon100
Instagram Part 1 Recon100
Reddit Part 3 Recon200
My First Words Recon100
Reddit Part 2 Recon100
Recon Meeting Recon500
Twitter Part 2 Recon150
Instagram Part 3 Recon250
Instagram Part 2 Recon150
YouTube Part 2 Recon300
YouTube Part 1 (Video) Recon400
Email Recon200
Roblox Recon500
Reddit Part 1 Recon50
YouTube Part 3 (Somewhere else) Recon400
Doorknobs Recon100
justkeyeptrying.pcap forensics meeting150
Find Something About Me! Recon1000
Straight-up Scavenger Recon1000
Meeting Flag discord challenges500
you wrote a meeting! 3000